On leaving a paper trail, the necessity of handwritten tokens

Dear Friend,

This blog is an homage to the craft of handwritten (at times typed) letters.  Unfortunately, like many things now deemed obsolete, handwritten anything has suddenly become a thing of the past.  We no longer take the time to leave each other notes, letters, or even make actual telephone calls.  (A good friend of mine told me that aside from her mother, I was the only person who actually called her on the phone to talk.  She always knew if her phone rang it was either her mother or me.)

I’m filled with deep sense of regret and sorrow because the technology of emails, text messages, and voicemails (if anyone still calls you), block the human connection and romance of receiving something tangible.  I’m certainly more of a sentimentalist then the average person, I love rereading old letters and find myself squirreling away any tiny paper token that will remind me of the things I’ve seen and done throughout my short years.  Nevertheless, I’d like to have a more real sense of a relationship then a brief email or five word text message.  I believe letters offer us the chance to share and connect with friends in a meaningful and special way.  I’m no proponent against technology; however, I do believe there is something to be said for re-evaluating the amount of time we spend on sites which claim bring us closer and help communicate better with people.  These virtual forms of intimacy are the most traumatic lack of realness I can think of.

Until A Letter is a composite of letters and an ode to paper ephemera.  While posting this online feels a bit contrite, considering my embrace of communication offline, I hope that it may inspire a movement of letter writers, or at very least, admirers.  It is my hope to leave a paper trail, I hope might choose to as well.


Yours Truly


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