Dear Heathen,

I assume you received my last letter, despite the fact that I did not get a letter in return.  By the way, thanks for that.  Nevertheless I am sending you another letter for several reasons:

  1. Because of a resolution
  2. Because I think I’m interested in library science
  3. Because I bought a collection of Frank O’Hara poems.

Let me begin in reverse order, with point 3.  Thanks for introducing me to Frank O’Hara.  It’s somewhat embarrassing to be a poetry enthusiast and still not know or be able to recognize so many brilliant voices and poems.  I’m trying to remember what the first poem was that you sent me, I want to say it was, Having a Coke With You, or something by a similar title.  I recall you posting it on my facebook wall, if only I’d had it in writing.

(Rant: One of the reasons, among many, for quitting facebook is because I want more concrete-ness in my life.  No more veiled meaning status updates or wall posts or ironic photos with self-depreciating titles.  I want face to face or voice to voice interactions.  My new personal motto is going to be, ”Leave a paper trail.”  I think I’ll make buttons or stickers or begin tagging it around the city.  Cripes this is an obnoxious rant.  I’m like the crazy people babbling on the subway.  They deserve to be admired for their conviction, though.  It’s important to stand for something, even if it scares the rest of us.)

Revenons à nos moutons.  I’ve got Mr. O’Hara sitting to my left, which of course meant that I had to write to you.  I have decided that I should read more poetry, a little each day; like taking a vitamin.  I think I’ll take a morning vitamin and then read a poem.  Or, I’ll roll the poems up small and put them in my vitamin jar so they fall out with the vitamins.  Speaking of daily poems, are you familiar with the Writer’s Almanac?  It’s one of my favorite discoveries, found through a writing teacher.  WA is an online site that offers a brief 5 minute program everyday.  Each show begins with bits of literary history and is followed by a poem.  It’s ready by Garrison Keillor (squeal!) who has the most wonderfully old timey radio voice ever.

I’m hesitant to start in on point 2 so let’s skip to point 1.  One of my resolutions is to write at least one letter a week.  Deleting my facebook means devoting time and effort to maintaining my friendships,  I believe the people in my life deserve the care and attention of, in the very least, a well crafted letter.  This is not to say that all social media or networking sites are bad, only that my place is not among them.  All the better for you, now you get typed letters and poems.  Pas mal, n’est-ce pas?

Which brings us to point 2, which I must briefly address before signing off.  Might I ask for your advice about library science?  I realize that I love, more than anything else, books, pages, archives, research, quite spaces, long tables, cardigans, etc.  Most of the jobs that interest me are working at libraries or in an archive or assisting with research.  I’m hesitant to pursue this career path because I’m not sure what a typical day consists of, or that it might be boring or different then how I imagine it.  I also wonder about job prospects for library work.  Do you have any insight?  I imagine you do.  So, please write me back.

All my love,

Yours Truly


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