Dear Dad,

Today I went to my favorite used book shop in Soho.  I was feeling blue after our conversation, and figured looking at books might take my mind off of things for a bit.  I found a great young adult novel from 1941, “Junior Miss” subtitled as, ‘The heart-warming and hilarious adventures of America’s favorite teen-ager’.  The copy I bought is a small paper-back version of the book, which sold at the steep price of a full quarter in 1941.

While looking over the fiction section I spotted a book I thought you might enjoy as well and which I’ve included with this letter, “Pontoon”, by Garrison Keillor.  I can still remember you playing A Prairie Home Companion in the car as you picked me and my friends up from dance practice or the mall.  Mortified by the choice of radio stations you’d chosen to put on, I recall asking you turn the radio off, fearful of my friend’s judgement.  My opinion towards Keillor has since changed, however my earliest memories embarrassment at the sound of his voice remain strong as ever.

In any case, the book store certainly cheered me up.  Hopefully this letter and book can offer the same comfort to you.

Love always,

Yours Truly


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