Letter from a laundress

Hello My Love!

How are you on this fine summer’s day?  As I write this I sit inside the laundromat, just around the corner from my apartment, and gaze out the window at the sunshine flashing against the passing cars.  It’s a fairly hot one today, reaching up to the high 80’s, however, from my seat I can catch a breeze from both the window and the ceiling fan.  I sit with my back to the washing machines almost as if guarding my dirty laundry.  In reality though, it is because I find the gentle whir and swish of the washing theraputic and calming.  Unfortunately this is not enough of a motivation for me to do my laundry on a regular basis…I still avoid it like the plague.  I eventually work my way through all the clean clothes and end up wearing things I’ve been meaning to get rid of, or even, at my lowest, buying new knickers instead of taking care to do the washing.

Another reason I don’t mind the laundromat is that it gives me an uninterrupted hour or more to do a bit of letter writing or reading.  Today I’ve brought with me a new book, “Secrets of the Flesh,” the biography of Colette.  I bought it yesterday after returning from a long bus trip (Montreal —> NYC).  After unpacking my suitcase, tidying up my apartment, I went straight to one of my favorite bookstores to get a coffee and peruse the books.  I’d been feeling the need to read an inspiring biography about a female author, this volume on Colette fit the bill perfectly.  Have you ever read any of her work?  She is most well-known for her Claudine novels (as well as being the author of Gigi) all of which were written at the turn of the century.  I’m embarrassed to admit I’ve only seen the musical Gigi starring Audrey Hepburn, and have not read any of her work.  Perhaps after I finish the biography I’ll look for some of her work and try to read it in French for a bit of practice.

Enough of my laundry and reading lists, what news have you?  I saw that your sister had a baby, congratulations to you all!  I trust they are happy, please do say hello from me.  How has your summer been so far?  Are you taking any summer trips?  I’m hoping to make a small trip out west this summer, maybe to San Francisco or Seattle for a week.  The only trip I’ve got on the horizon is a girlfriend’s wedding in Maryland at the end of August.  I’ve also been hoping to somehow find the money to visit a dear friend in Israel in the fall.  Crossing my fingers to make it out sometime in October.

Aside from these small trips not much is new.  Still living and loving New York, most especially in the summer.  I would love for you to visit, you’re always more then welcome to stay with me…just say when!

That’s all for today.  I’ve enclosed one of my favorite Ginsberg poems for you, since I know you’re a fan of his.  Hope you’re happy and healthy.  Missing you every day, dear friend.

Big Love,

Yours Truly


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