Response to the laundress

Good Morning Beautiful!!

Thank you, thank you, thank you for giving me an excuse to write again!  I can’t even express how excited I was to come home to that beautiful little letter!  In any case…my sister rang my phone early this morning and I couldn’t get back to sleep, all I could think about was what to write you back and so I made myself come chamomile + rose petal tea and here I sit…I’m in my tiny apartment that I love oh-so much, two cats hanging out, Mike’s asleep in the next room and it’s that perfect silence only accompanied by static outside sounds; birds; cars; wind.  There is a cool breeze occasionally (contrary to what has been a 90 degree humid week) and not that I’m complaining in the least about the heat, but the cool breeze really makes it feel like a “lake morning”.  That being said, I am venturing up north with the fam next week and I can barely contain myself!!  The past few weeks have been a blur of fitting in clients, cleaning, laundry, and other preparation to finally be able to relax…imagine that!

Right now I’m reading a book called “The Depression Cure” and it’s basically a collection of natural remedies more potent than any Zoloft or other pharmaceutical bullshit, so it speaks to “plenty of Omega 3 and socialization and exercise” and all of these obvious cures but it also speaks to our American lifestyle compared to our early ancestors surviving in hunter-gatherer society and how much happier and more fulfilled they were.  Pretty obvious stuff but in my old age I’ll say that I am truly happier, more content and, maybe most importantly, most spiritual when I’m in nature.  In the woods, by a lake, whatever…

Anyway, just mulling over things.  I plan to write you when I’m up there as well so I can bring you into my up-north brain.  Then again there has to be something said for you city girls, always among the hum of fashion and art and music and people, that is definitely in my heart too but I’ve just somewhere in there become the most maternal, child-less chick I know.  Oh, life.

So, dear, I hope this letter finds you so well.  I could tell you so much more but, alas, can only write so much!  We found this fabulous old polaroid so hopefully once we order some film for it, I will be able to enclose photos for you as well.  I hope your family is well, what’s the news with that?  What’s the news with your love life?  Tell me everything!

Love Always,

L. Bell

Ps. The best description of how the weather feels coming in my window now is the song, “These Days” by Nico…it’s almost like fall.  You’ll know what I mean.


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