And then there were 2 (typewriters, that is)

Look What I have now!  Your letter so captivated me, I emailed my mom and asked if she still had her old typewriter.  Lo and behold, it was right there, only needing a new ribbon.  It’s a Royal, with my mom’s maiden name labeled on the machine and on its ginormous carrying case.  Feels special in a way I can’t quite describe.  

This is loads better then handwriting (since one can actually read it) but still wonderfully personal.  I had to laugh when I remembered that your machine doesn’t have an exclamation point, because mine doesn’t either.  Apparently they didn’t add them until the 70’s.  I guess people weren’t very emphatic before then.  I’ve managed to jerry-rig one out of a period & an apostrophe.  Good, not great.

Anyway, I know I’m upsetting the order of our letter-writing, but I just had to write you & show how excited and happy I am to have this thing in my life.

Typewriter news aside, things are going well.  I just got back from my first ever camping music festival, which was fun (saw the Flaming Lips–amazing!).  Kind of my last summer hurrah before school starts up.  But I’m ready for it, I think.  Hope you are doing well, and I hope to hear from you soon!


Rachelle la Belle